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Addrock Pedal Effects and Accessories

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Addrock Boostmaster Pedal Effect
Addrock Electric Smile Pedal Effect
Addrock Germanium Fuzz Pedal Effect
Addrock Hism Scism Pedal Effect
Addrock Not So Ol' Yeller Pedal Effect
Addrock Ol' Yeller Pedal Effect


Digital processors, amp modelers, cabinet emulators, distortion generators, tube replicators... in some players' eyes, the birth of great tone, in others, the death of it. If you're among those enlightened souls who believe they are the death of great tone, then consider Addrock pedals to be an army of sonic zombies, rising from the grave to unleash their reign of soul-quenching tone on the guitars of the living. American-built monsters, intent on devouring the masses of "Made In China" minions currently sucking the life from the rigs of countless guitarists.

All Addrock pedals are designed and hand-built from the ground up in America. Every unit is true-bypass with 100%-analog circuitry and is thoroughly checked and tested for optimal quality of construction, tone, and design. Although popular in their current states, Addrock pedals are under constant scrutiny for any possible improvements or beneficial modifications.

Addrock . . . Because life is too short for bad tone!