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Peter Diezel  remains dedicated to hand crafting the premium guitar amplifiers that made Diezel Amplification what it is today.

Diezel Amplification defines the absolute state-of-the-art for modern high-gain multi-channel guitar amplification. Whether it's the tried-and-true VH4 that has already cemented its status as one of the great high-powered heads of all time or the new groundbreaking Herbert, you are sure to find unbridled inspiration the moment you plug into these works of art. The Diezel VH4 and the Herbert models all feature superb unmatched tonal versatility and signal-routing flexibility, but unlike modeling amps or other multi-channel amps that try to mimic other classic amps, the Diezel amps retain their own distinctive sonic signature no matter how you set up the amps. These amps are designed for the players looking for their own unique style and voice. Diezel amps are for players who are tired of the ordinary or what has come and gone. These amps are for advanced and experienced players who are most interested in finding their own signature sound than mimicking other amps and sounds of other players and "stars".

The most striking characteristic about the Diezel sound is how clear and defined it is while retaining musicality and warmth. No, Diezel amps won't quite give you a 50's Tweed purr or the bark of a genuine 60's Plexi. Instead, it will take those sounds as a starting point and give those sounds the modern twist: more headroom; more low-end punch; more tonal balance between the lows, the mids, and the highs; more gain that retains clarity; more definition that articulates every nuance and touch of your playing; more punch that cuts through the mix with authority; more balls that gives you the big sound that you've always craved; and more sustain with greater dynamics. Don't look to a Diezel if you just want approximations of different amps in one package. This is not the point of the Diezel design. From clean to bluesy to crunch to singing sustain to brutal over-the-top metal, each kind of sound is Peter Diezel's vision of what that sound should be.

Diezel amps are quite unforgiving. What does "unforgiving" mean in the context of a guitar amplifier? It means that it amplifies every little nuance of your picking attack and your fretting hand movements with startling unforgiving detail. Every missed pick attack and every little brush stroke of your fretting-hand fingers changing strings will be amplified quite clearly. If your technique is not quite immaculate or clean, Diezel amps will expose those aspects of your playing to your audience. You won't be able to hide behind the buzzy distortion or the squishy dynamic response of most other amps. But if you've worked many years and decades honing your technique and you are more interested in getting across your personal style and characteristics of your playing to your audience, Diezel amps will do so with awesome authority. You worked hard for many years to develop your own personal style. Why simply mimic other players' styles and sounds? If you're ready to step out on your own as a serious guitarist with your own style and voice as distinctive as your face and your thumbprint, the only serious choice is a Diezel. Find out who you are as a player with a Diezel and then find out how good you really could be.



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