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There is a lot of hype and "snake-oil" flying around out there about how this cable and that cable have "the tone", pass frequencies that were previously unheard - except by bats and small dogs - maybe even block the occasional sour note! (I have a microphone that sings flat too.)

At Whirlwind, our philosophy always has been and continues to be "Build them for the PROS" - regardless of cost but at a fair price.
  • When we wanted better quality cable with low capacitance and reduced microphonics, we designed our own Accusonic+1.

  • When standard plugs weren't up to our standards - we invented the indestructible Leader It's so unique and revolutionary that it's patented.  

  • When we received requests to build a cable with better feel - we invented the cloth covered Leader Elite .

Don't settle for inferior cables dressed in fancy packages with sky-high promises and prices to match.

When you depend on your equipment to perform because you perform, trust Whirlwind. We've been the choice of many of the biggest names in the business for over 30 years.



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