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Bogner Custom Shop remains dedicated to hand crafting the premium guitar amplifiers that made Bogner Amplification what it is today.

Our speaker cabinets have been developed to respond to your nuances as a player, we make cabinets that are alive with resonance, 3D note projection and that dance with every note played. Specs: special-select Birch multi-ply wood construction, including the back panels, no particle-board used. Tongue in Groove joinery is used for durability and tone. Over engineering something as organic as a wooden speaker cabinet can yield a dead, lifeless tone. Too stiff, killing the resonance. Durable tolex covering protects the cabinet. Heavy-duty, old school metal handles are used on the 4x12 and the large 2x12 cabinets, removable casters are standard for these two cabinets as well. Vintage style basket weave grill cloth gives a warm tone and classic look to all our cabinets. Industrial grade rubber feet keep your cabinet positioned firmly. Quality made thru-out and ultimately inspiring to feel and hear!

The UBERSCHALL 4x12" straight cabinet model features a black front speaker grill, combination of Celestion V30's and G12T75's wired at 8 ohms. This combination unleashes the brutality of the UBERSCHALL amp, it helps to maximize the low end and give great cutting power to the mids/highs. A standard BOGNER 4x12" cabinet with V30's sounds great for the UBERSCHALL as well but we wanted to offer a cabinet that was fine tuned for the flame-throwing UBERSCHALL.

Bogner 1x12 Closed Cabinet Bogner 2x12 Closed Cabinet Bogner 4x12 Closed Cabinet
Bogner 1x12 Open Cabinet   Bogner 4x12 Uberkab Cabinet



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